A New Update: Catch a Better iOS Bus Booking Experience

Picture1In case you haven’t heard, we are back on the iOS with a brand new look. Did you miss us? Because we definitely missed you. It has been a long time coming and we have grown so much since our last update, and so we thank you, our faithful iOS users, for being patient all this while. So here are some MAJOR changes we’ve added to our app to provide an even BETTER bus booking experience.

1. A polished new look

Like every new iPhone, our app had to personify elegance especially in the way it looked and felt. When you update and open our app on your device, you will notice a completely new look. The new update gives our app a cleaner and brighter interface through the various fonts, colors and icons used. Our new booking pages now look less cluttered, more organised and a lot more easier on the eyes; providing a bus booking experience like never before.

2. Return feature


One thing we’ve noticed our old app lacked was a return option; making for an unpleasant booking experience. You would have to repeat the whole booking process from scratch for a mere return bus ticket. Now, you have the option of selecting your return date at the home screen and paying for it as you go along, shortening the booking process and making it less bothersome.

3. Promo sliders

If you’re not following us on social media, it’s about time you do. So, how else would our iOS users know of our latest promos and updates? The newly added promo sliders. It’s simple! – all you will have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the screen and slide left or right to stay posted.

4. Simplified search results

We have also made it easier in trip selections as well. Before, you had to engage in long downward scrolling to select your ideal trip. Well, those days are gone now. With the new update, your trips are filtered based on the popular operators, earliest departures and cheapest trips available, hence easing your trip selection process based on your busy schedule and needs.

5. Easy navigation

Picture5With a more systematic, pleasant look and experience, navigating through the app has never been easier. You can now select your own language and currency with a touch on the top right icon on your screen. There is no more need to navigate a maze to make mizzly changes to your app.
Wait no more, it’s already on the App Store for FREE. Download and update it NOW and begin a brand NEW bus booking experience with CatchThatBus!